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Healing for You!

At well-being healing center you are a unique person, not a disease!  

Wellness comes from looking at the whole person and their individual expression of illness and health. The name of your illness or diagnosis is a way to categorize or describe on the most basic level your imbalance or disease.  Diagnoses are often a word that is used to describe the symptoms or pathology causing your symptoms, they often tell us very little about how you feel or the unique way the illness affects you.  They can be helpful in understanding some of chemistry that is happening and to choose drug therapies and treatment options.  From a Naturopathic medical perspective, this is a small piece of the whole picture, and much more information is needed to create a plan that will support wellness, restoration of health and alleviation of symptoms.

With that said, I've treated people of all ages, sex, and many different conventional diagnoses.


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