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Naturopathic Consultation Service and Fee schedule

Dr Eller's services include comprehensive health evaluation (initial office visit) and wellness plan for both acute and chronic conditions.

The initial intake lasts from 90-120 minutes and consists of a complete health history and holistic assessment. Some initial suggestions for support will be offered and sometimes further laboratory assessments may be requested.  A follow-up for 2-4 weeks will be scheduled. A comprehensive plan includes dietary interventions, supplements or herbal remedies, constitutional homeopathic remedy, lifestyle modification suggestions and self-care counseling, typically this plan will develop over time to optimize results.
Follow-ups continue monthly to every six weeks after that and decrease as health goals are met.
Acute visits can be scheduled at any time to address common ailments and illnesses.
Naturopathic counseling visits allow you to come in and discuss topics other than those pertaining specifically to your health issues, and answer any other questions you may have.

New patient:
Initial office visit                  $200 children; $250 adults
Acute visit                             $55-$90 children; $90- $175 adults
Naturopathic counseling    $100 per hour

Established patients:
Follow up office visit:               $75 -$125
Phone/Video consultations:    $75-$125

Natural Medicinary                 By item
Laboratory Services                By item
Shipping and handling           per weight and items
Returned checks                     $25.00

Payment: Health Insurance does recognize the services of Naturopathic physicians in New York State. 
Health Savings Account funds can typically be used to pay for services and products.
We accept credit card, check, venmo and cash. Payment plans or discounts on supplements are 
sometimes possible.
We offer family discounts on the initial intake for each additional family member. So, the fee for the first adult initial intake is $220 and each adult after that is $200, and first child initial intake is $200 and each child after that is $175.
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