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Dawn Eller, ND
Dawn Eller ND

Dawn Eller, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor (licensed in VT). She combines the latest scientific information on natural therapies with the wisdom of traditional medicine, to provide individualized wellness plans for ​people.

Dr. Eller has over twenty years of clinical experience and compassionately guides adults and children on their path to wellness.


She received a doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Tempe, AZ., and has continued her training in homeopathy through the New England School of Homeopathy since 2006.  

Dr. Eller was previously an instructor at the FingerLakes School of Massage and Tompkins-Cortland Community College.
She has two amazing sons who keep her on her toes as well.

Testimonials for Dr. Dawn Eller

I have been a patient of Dr Dawn Eller for 6 years.  I met Dr Dawn when my Lyme Literate DR (LLMD) was closing her office and she personally met me at Dr Dawn’s office for the hand off.  I was nervous I was losing the only LLMD in a 50 radius, until I realized I was placed in well-educated hands. 


Dr Dawn was the one that knew how to CHANGE not treat by CHANGE my pathway to better health.

She understood and taught me it is all about our Immune system and there are many pathways to the building a healthy immune system.  Started with continuing my low dose immune therapy (LDI) from my Lyme disease which improves my energy levels.

Herb protocol to improve at the cellular level my immune and neurological systems.

I have taken custom detox protocols that are designed for me and whatever treatment I have planned next for my Lyme disease. 


Thank you, Dr Dawn, for being there for us to keep are our immune systems healthy!


Rebecca (Becky) Jones

30 yr Lyme fighter and 4-time cancer survivor




Dr. Dawn Eller has been my go to health care practitioner for many years now. My first experience was a collaborative one with my homeopathic practitioner. The main themes that have kept me coming back are her exceptional abilities at building relationships, flexibility, accessibility and expertise in chronic illness, emergency care and athletic performance enhancement. I am always so surprised by Dr. Eller’s willingness to be available and do whatever she can to help me. 


Initially, Dr. Eller provided the care I needed for a chronic illness that allowed me to keep working full time. When I retired a few years ago, she was willing to work with me virtually. Dr. Eller was pivotal in providing the care I needed in a couple of emergency health crisis that happened while I was traveling. Dr. Eller has also helped me reach physical performance goals I have had that allow me to travel and explore the country in the ways I intend to. I am so grateful for her expertise, genuine caring and commitment to her patients. 


-Kim K


My son and I are grateful to have seen Dawn for almost 7 years now. She’s always gone above and beyond for us and really takes the time to listen and get to the root of the symptoms. Conditions that conventional medicine couldn’t help, such as when my son had SIBO and was in severe pain, Dawn’s approach was gentle and effective. I believe if everyone had access to naturopathic healthcare of this quality we would be a much healthier, happier, well-rounded nation.


-Judy S


In the three years we have worked together, I have always felt you to be my partner, dedicated to my highest level of well-being, interested in hearing my ideas while bringing your own to the table.

When we meet, you open up your tool kit, drawing upon knowledge of herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, supplements, blood chemistry, the mind-body connection and the vital role emotions play in physical well-being. 

By listening carefully, you recognize me as the expert on me, yet also temper my enthusiasm for new approached with data drawn from your own research. I have been impressed with your capacity to dig down to the root cause of chronic conditions. Each session is like a class as I learn from you how human health is connected to the planet’s health.

I am grateful for your help resolving stubborn chronic conditions and the resulting improvement in energy, mood, and immune system function

—Laura, Ithaca, NY

After going to 6 different doctors for fibromyalgia, I went to Dr. Eller for some stomach issues and increasing food allergies. It took Dr. Eller less than 90 seconds, when looking at my blood test results, to find that I had a less common type of anemia, and an immune system issue. We addressed these over the next months, and the difference has been life-changing!


Dr. Eller has helped me understand why my body was reacting the way it was. She provided me with a pathway to get tests for my specific issues, and then options for how we could approach solving them. She has helped me understand what effect vitamins and nutrients have on my body. She also introduced me to the benefits of herbs. I never would have thought I’d take herbs, but we targeted ones for my issues, and I have found that they enhance my health. The drops are easy to take, and easy to carry with me when I travel.


Dr. Eller is very comfortable to work with, and is receptive to my perspective and priorities. She listens intently, and is always pleasant and responsive. Dr. Eller addresses things holistically, and promotes living a balanced life. I’ve found working with Dr. Eller to be very encouraging - not just because she has found answers to a number of issues I had had for years, but because she, herself, is encouraging. I enjoy working with her. And what a relief to no longer feel tired all the time, to not be allergic to so many foods, and to not get sick all the time! Thank you, Dr. Eller!


-Claire R.


“Dawn listens intently, and asks detailed questions about your health and wellness concerns, and truly cares about the person in front of her.  Her remedies are gentle but profound; I have obtained great results for increased "aliveness" overall as well as for specific issues that I was experiencing.  She addressed the root cause of imbalance [emotional as well as physical] instead of just alleviating symptoms, and I couldn't recommend her work more highly.”


-Sarolta Gabriella DeFaltay, practitioner at Well-Being Healing Center

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