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Damiana: this herb has a reputation ;)

Damiana turnera diffusa has a reputation! Known throughout Central and South America for centuries as an aphrodisiac, boosting male and female libido, mitigating impotence and as a hormone balancer, but it’s also a mood lifter. Perhaps these all go hand in hand.

Considered a bitter, it stimulates digestive juices, aiding in digestion. In addition, it helps calm the nervous system, which can also improve digestive function, further enabling the absorption of nutrients as well. It is an overall tonic for the body and acts as a mild laxative.

It should not be taken at night, as it can cause insomnia and should be avoided by women seeking to become pregnant, as it stimulates menstrual flow.

As we head into the colder weather or if life is getting you down, consider a small dose of damiana tincture to spruce up your day and maybe your love life as well.

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