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Gillian Desonier-Lewis,

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Gillian is a 200-RYT yoga teacher certified by Collective Soul Yoga & Movement in Ohio. She recently moved to Ithaca from Ohio, where she completed a degree in Sustainable Food Systems and taught at her local yoga studio. Her teaching style is based in Hatha and incorporates various elements of vinyasa, breathwork, and meditation. 

She is a part-time artist, and believes that an integrative wellness model (mind, body, and spirit!) is essential in fueling the creative brain. Her favorite aspect of yoga is its accessibility for every body type and fitness level, so you can expect generous options and modifications in all of her classes. 

To make an appointment for a private session with Gillian, call or text 717-339-8718, or email her at


All Levels Vinyasa Flow  Weds. 7-8pm 

This is a moderately paced class where students will continue to build strength and flexibility through a series of postures. The sequences will build from basic to complex, all the while linking breath to movement. Some yoga experience is encouraged but not required, and as always, students are encouraged to modify poses based on their own abilities. In addition, the instructor will offer a variety of modifications and detailed verbal cues to assist you and encourage a class suited for all levels. 

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