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Cupping Therapy
Cupping therapy has been used as a part of bodywork in Traditional Chinese medicine for several thousand years. 
Today we continue this practice by using silicone cups, placing them on indicated areas of the body to create suction. They are left in place for a few minutes, in order to release trapped toxins in the muscle, and bring in fresh blood flow.
This form of therapy has a long list of benefits, including activation of the lymphatic system, clearing of colon blockages, and increased circulation. It is also designed to open the meridians of the body, to enhance the flow of energy. It addresses both the physical and energetic body to leave you feeling renewed and refreshed!
Facial Cupping

Facial cupping has the same effects as full body cupping, it is just executed in a different way. Rather than putting the cups on and leaving them in one place, the suction is in constant motion gliding along meridians of the face. The cups used in this session are much smaller and softer for a more gentle approach to avoid bruising or irritation. 

Benefits of facial cupping include tighter skin, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, toned jawline, decreased puffiness, release of jaw tension, and regulation of oil production. People often describe themselves as “glowing” after they receive facial cupping. It is very relaxing, and the effects are noticeable.

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