We work with many kinds of chronic stress – such as:

·         Post-Traumatic Stress:

             general and specific physical and emotional effects of trauma

·         Emotional Stress: fear, anger, grief, shame

·         Mental Stress: confusing, frustrating and overwhelming


.         Learning Stress: reading, comprehension, memory, writing

·         Nutritional Stress: deficiencies or individual food intolerances

             eg. gluten

·         Bio-Communication Stress: toxin and other stress related

               impact on flow

.          Social Stress: improve social perception, relationships, family 

               and work dynamics, communication, and self-confidence

.         Neuro-Muscular Stress: whole body movement, balance,


.         Environmental Toxin Stress: air, water, food, pollutants & EMF

·         Functional Brain Stress: dysfunction of sensory/motor,

                language or executive activities

Initial No-Charge Consultation

​This is a 20-minute exploration with a trainer-coach to discover whether the Aurora Bio-Fitness systems are a good fit for yourself, a child or a loved one.


​​Bio-Stress Discovery Session

This is a general stress assessment to identify stressors and help direct the personalized design of the Bio-Stress Relief Sessions.



Chronic Bio-Stress Inventory & Report

​The complete Whole Brain Fitness Program begins with an in-depth two-hour assessment of the eight Chronic Bio-Stress categories. Based on the results of the Inventory and the person's goals, a plan is developed.  A written report with recommendations, suitable for doctors or psychologists, is provided.



​Bio-Stress Relief

​(10, 30, 60 Minutes)​

​Sometimes we get stuck in an adrenal stress state of tight muscles, poor digestion, poor sleep, poor concentration and anxiety. This session trains a person to quickly return to the calm, relaxed (parasympathetic) state through simple, yet highly effective, whole body movement patterns and activities.


​The Bio-Stress Relief System quickly and effectively addresses many kinds of chronic stress and their effects on the mind/body system.



These sessions reduce the stressors and improve the key issues.

“Chronic psychosocial stress and consequent physiological dysregulations are increasingly viewed as catalysts of accelerated aging and agitators of disease trajectories.”


Allostatic load biomarkers of chronic stress and impact on health and cognition.

Neurosci Biobehav Rev 35: 2-16  Juster RP, McEwen BS, Lupien SJ.


Bio-Fitness Programs


·         Accelerated Post-Trauma Re-Set

·         Attention Recovery and Concentration Training

·         Be Calm and Focused

·         Achieve Reading Success·   

.         Positive Mental Attitude

Executive Tune-Up


This six-session program will sharpen executive skills:  concentration, planning, memory, decision-making, and learning. 


Individually designed, it includes neuro-feedback, Brain Gym®, and cognitive training.



We regularly refer clients to licensed health practitioners such as MD’s, psychiatrists, chiropractors, massage therapists, psychologists and psychotherapists, acupuncturists, occupational therapists, and naturopaths.  We also regularly receive referrals from a network of licensed health practitioners who are familiar with my work as complementary to theirs.